Free Ride to Goa

What : One passenger space in a "safely driven Esteem" leaving for Goa this evening (Oct 1st)
Where : Bangalore

usual instructions apply.


16MB Panasonic SD Card

16MB Panasonic SD Card, too!
Where: Bangalore
Condition: Came with the digi cam I bought, unused, except for testing the cam.
Suitable for: Spare "extra few" pics if you just run out of space

As always : mail gv4free [aht] or leave a comment.

16MB Canon SD Card

What: 16MB Canon SD Card
Where: Bangalore
Condition: Came with a digi cam I bought, unused, except for testing the cam.
Suitable for: Hmm, cant think of any particular reason given the tiny capacity, but if someone finds use for it, will be glad to give.

2 Nokia BL-5C batteries

************* Gone ***************

Nokia BL-5C batteries - 2 numbers.
Condition: Original, used. Each battery will give about 2.5 days of standby + approx 1 hr of talk time. Can be a very good spare battery while on trips.
Reason for giving away: the phones to which these batteries belonged no longer work.
Place: Anywhere in Bangalore
Free / Barter: In exchange for some nice chat + coffee if the taker so wishes. Else free.

Mail gv4free [aht] or leave a comment.


Panasonic SD1, NV-SD1 VCR

What: Panasonic SD1, NV-SD1 VCR in working condition
Where: Bangalore
Condition: Used
Age: Old, I had purchased it from my friend 3 years back.

If someone's into VHS -> Digital Media conversion, could be very useful. Leave a comment, or mail at gv4free [a-h-t], as usual.


AGP video card

--------- This just got taken: GONE ----------

Trident 3DImage 9850, AGP 4x. S-video and TV-out
Where: Bangalore
Condition: Used
Age: got this from a PC I was fixing, no idea of how much it is used.

As usual - if interested, mail gv4free[a-h-t] or leave a comment.


SDRAM giveaway

What:3 sticks of 64MB and 1 stick of 32MB
Age:Very old (functional tho)

Speeds not know, one of the 64MB is 100MHz.

You like? Send mail to gv4free[a-h-t] or leave a comment.


"FreeCycling" - ah

Thats what its called. Someone pointed me to some interesting links:

Really cool - quite a few people seem to be doing this. Have asked to join the YGrp - but so far the visible messages seemed to be about recycling rather than reuse - am optimistic. Just got membership - people ARE looking for and giving a lot of stuff - neat.

Of course, I believe a lot of this happens through the grapevine - around the apartment and in the "aunt-network" - and its very effective. We've had so many great hand-me-downs for our daughter this year we probably will not need to buy any clothes for her for a while :)

I think a place like this blog has a role to play in that chain - people who might not necessarily want to join groups or register on sites for that one-off giveaway - or even those who almost never go online. If this bridges that gap, it'll be worth the effort!

C'mon - get rid of that !


Lend, Barter Too ?

While looking around home for stuff to give away, I realized there's also stuff we don't really need right now, but don't want to give away either forever. Some stuff you may be ok with exchanging for other stuff, either temporarily or permanently.

So you can add "For: Lending" or "For: Barter" and get this done too!

Giving is fun, eco-friendly and will expand your real world social network.


Solaris OS CD

Had received this from Sun a while ago - use Ubuntu so have not even opened the box. Its 2 CDs for Solaris 10 and Developer Tools from 11/06. Maybe you just want to try out Solaris - or whatever. Mail : gv4free [AHT] or leave a comment.

What: Solaris 10 OS + Developer Tools CDs
Make: Sun
Where: Bangalore
Condition: Unused

Assorted Incandescent threaded bulbs

Thats six of them -
1.) Spherical Osram 40w thin threaded
2.) Spherical Osram 40w thicker threaded - inside the box
4.) 4 candle threaded 40w bulbs

some of these were used in our Faber chimney earlier - have replaced those with CFLs.

Threaded bulbs are not always easy to come by - so if you're interested, comment or send a mail at gv4free [ A-T ], as usual.

What: Incandescent Bulbs (6x40w, threaded)
Make: Osram, unknown
Where: Bangalore
Condition: 2 used, 4 unused


Motorola Headphone

Update : ***** This has been blocked ******

What: Motorola Headphone
Age: At least 3 years old
Where: Bangalore
Condition: Unused

Had a basic Motorola handset a couple of years ago that I lost - don't remember the model number etc. Never use headsets - so this has just been lying around in the box. Mail at gv4free[A-T] if you're keen, or leave a comment.


Car speakers

Upgraded the car audio last year, and the OEM speakers at the rear are still with me. I think they were regular Clarions - not that great but decent for a basic audio setups. They came with the OHC 1.3 in 2001.

What: Car speakers
Make: Clarion
Age: 7 years
Where: Bangalore

Send Mail at gv4free[AT-T] if you're interested.

********* Update: Gone! ************

Have something to give?

A lot many of us have so much stuff at home thats of no use to us. Not always great stuff, but useful to someone somewhere.

Give it, earn goodwill, help reuse, and feel happy :)

If you have anything you want to give away, send mail to gv4free[A-T]

Once I find someone who's keen to get what you're offering, will vet request, and put you guys in touch. No money should change hands, please, except shipping costs and the like. Ideally no shipping either, so we can keep this as green as possible.

Once its gone, I'll add "GONE" to the post, and 'take-no-calls' on that.

What say ?