"FreeCycling" - ah

Thats what its called. Someone pointed me to some interesting links:

Really cool - quite a few people seem to be doing this. Have asked to join the YGrp - but so far the visible messages seemed to be about recycling rather than reuse - am optimistic. Just got membership - people ARE looking for and giving a lot of stuff - neat.

Of course, I believe a lot of this happens through the grapevine - around the apartment and in the "aunt-network" - and its very effective. We've had so many great hand-me-downs for our daughter this year we probably will not need to buy any clothes for her for a while :)

I think a place like this blog has a role to play in that chain - people who might not necessarily want to join groups or register on sites for that one-off giveaway - or even those who almost never go online. If this bridges that gap, it'll be worth the effort!

C'mon - get rid of that !

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